Archery GB Big Weekend Help

All members are invited to attend the ArcheryGB Big Weekend free taster session on Saturday, June 16th, from 11 am to 4 pm to help out and be available to talk to members of the public, show off equipment etc. If you could come along a little earlier or stay a bit later to help put out targets etc, it would be appreciated.

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AGM 2017 Minutes

Please click the link below for the Minutes from the 2017 AGM held 10th September 2017.


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2017 Trophy Shoot Results

Club Tournament 2017 ResultsCongratulations to Nev, Emma and Alison on their respective 1st, 2nd and 3rd results
and well done to all those who came along and shot in what were ‘trying’ conditions to say the least!
A big thank you to Steve and Dawn for organising and running the event!

Photographs are now in the gallery and will also be put on our facebook page.

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Safety Gloves – helping to put up and take down targets

Unfortunately some of us Archers are not yet at Olympic standard and so the stands and targets get well pounded by arrows meaning a hazard of splinters when setting up and taking down targets.

The club has now purchased some safety gloves which are held in a box within the target shed. We strongly advise that club members use these for their own safety when helping to setup and takedown the targets.
Welfare and Juinor Liason Officer


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Bow Tuning Session

A big thank you to Dennis, whose static bow tuning session last Sunday (26th March) went down very well with all who took part. Dennis was kind enough to spend a lot of his time with individual members who wanted to have their recurve bows statically set up.
Steve says he has bought a lot more First Class badges as he now expects to see scores go through the roof!

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Tuition/Refresher Sessions

Sunday (9th April), I will be running a full tuition/refresher session for anyone who wants any help, reminders, etc – I plan to do this regularly throughout the summer, but this will be the first one, and will hopefully help people who have not shot much through the winter to get back on target….


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2016 Club Tournament Results

Please click link below for 2016 Club Tournament Results:

Club Tournament 2016

Congratulations to Alex Bolton on coming first,  Mike Bolton on achieving second place, and Alison Guest on achieving third place.

Alex, Mike and Alson, the winners of the 2016 Handicap shoot

Thanks to all those who took part.

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2016 Annual General Meeting

Our 2015 AGM will be held on Sunday 28th August at 1.30pm, at the range (before any shooting starts).

We encourage everyone to come along to have their say on how the club is run, what next years fees will be, and to raise any queries, etc.

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Annual Individual Handicap Shoot – 25th September

We will be holding our Individual Handicap Tournament on Sunday 25th September. This will be open to any club member that has a valid handicap for the bow type that they wish to shoot. Thee event will be open to all bow types. For club members that do not have a valid handicap by the end of August, they will still be able to complete a normal Target Day if they so choose.
Members will be able to choose from one of the following rounds:
WA70 – 72 arrows at 70 metres
WA60 – 72 arrows at 60 metres
Short Metric I – 36 arrows at 50 metres + 36 arrows at 30 metres
Short Metric III – 36 arrows at 30 metres + 36 arrows at 20 metres
All rounds will be shot at 6 arrows an end.
There will be medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and a small trophy for the winner. In the event of tied scores the person with the most X’s will win, if this does not give a winner then the person with the most gold’s will be the winner. If this still gives a tied result the person with the most hits will win, and if there is still a tie it will be one arrow shoot off nearest to the centre wins.
If you would like to participate then please let me know which of the above rounds you would like to shoot and which bow type you will be shooting with. Responses by the end of August please.
Could members please turn up by 1pm so that we can get the range setup ready to start shooting as early as possible.
Steve Tugwell
Records Officer
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HELP REQUIRED on Saturday 7th May

We are looking for volunteers to come and help with some general maintenance jobs at the range on  Saturday 7th May, starting at 9am.
We need to re-roof the wooden shed (as attractive as the blue tarpaulin is, it’s not a long term solution!)
We want to dig out a new bottom step to give us another place to shoot from (this will work for up to 20m)
We want to repair the fence a bit where the wire has been broken
We want to move the metal shed from the top compound to the range, digging out an area to let us attach it to the back of the wooden shed.
Hence any and all volunteers are welcome…….
Many thanks in advance
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