Change of shooting locations for Winter

 As of the start of October, we will no longer be shooting outside on Wednesday evenings. Instead, we will be moving indoors on THURSDAY evenings, from 7pm to 9pm. As the hall is relatively small, we can only fit 12 archers in there, so initially we will be operating a “first come, first served” principle. if we find that we are continually getting people missing out, then we will review this.
The distance is only about 12 yards, but we will be using smaller target faces! Also we’ll be setting up the dartboard faces, etc.
The first indoor shoot will be Thursday 4th October (and the last Wednesday shoot will be 26th September).
Outside Shooting:
We will be moving from the football pitch to the Cricket pitch as of Wednesday 26th September. So all outdoor shoots from that time will be on the cricket pitch.
We will be moving all the targets, arrows, etc, down to the shed in the compound to make sure we don;t have to lug the heavy stuff to far!
IMPORTANT NOTE to those without their own bows: We are intending to keep the bows in the current shed, so you will need to get in the habit of stopping there to collect a bow as you arrive (otherwise it’s a longer walk back to the shed to get a bow!)