Extraordinary Annual General Meeting


Just to remind everyone, we are having an EAGM at 1.30 on Sunday, before we start shooting. We have a few points to put to a vote, as well as the statement of accounts.
Please try to attend if possible, and for those of you who won’t be able to make it, here is the agenda + the voting issues. If you wish to vote on any of these, let me have your vote by email before Sunday.
1. Vote on permanently moving AGM to July
2. Presentation of Audited Accounts
3. Indoor Shooting Proposal
4. Shed at waiting area.
Indoor Shooting
The hall is available for us to use on the following dates. This will be for an hour only (probably from 7:30/8pm).
31 October
5 Dec
19 Dec
16 Jan
23 Jan
30 Jan
6 Feb
20 Feb
There is only room for a maximum of 8 people at a time – we would set up 2 targets, and to maximise the shooting time, bows would have to be set up before the hour starts, and taken down afterwards (outside the hall)
In order to make this viable, we would need a minimum of 6 people each session, and we would have to charge £5 per session. Myself and some of the others would be on hand at the sessions to help people with their technique and bow tuning.
Should the membership desire this, we would need people who wish to reserve places at the dates to commit to it, and pay in advance – note: people do not have to do every session, and different people can come to different sessions.
The club has sufficient funds to put a shed at the waiting area for use as a cover/hide when it rains heavily, or as protection when it is too sunny . Members will be able to leave non-shooting equipment (chairs, brollies, etc) as this will be kept locked but this will be at their own risk.
Should the membership decide that a shelter IS desired at the waiting area, then the committee will select an appropriate one based on value for money, etc.
If you wish to register a vote in favour or against any of the proposals (points 1,3,4) then please let me know by replying to this email – before Sunday.