As we all know, the sport of archery, though it may not be rocket science, is a sport with many variables and I guess, the true art of archery is to bring most, if not all, of these variables together at a peak of performance!

Even the best of us have ‘off days’, usually more often than not, so in an effort to alleviate the nagging desire to scream in agony over a particularly bad shot, here are some of the most popular excuses that you may like to use.

Feel free to add your own!

The sun was right in my eyes!
There was a sudden gust of wind!
It’s too windy!
My sight is loose!
A bird flew across my line of sight!
The arrow slipped off the rest as I let go!
It’s been a long day!
Something is loose on my bow!
Fingers slipped!
Could only just make out the target!
Did you hear that noise?
I thought I felt some rain!
I can’t understand it! I’m sure I aimed in exactly the same place as last time!
I’m getting tired!
Went through the clicker and I didn’t come down!
I’m just not having a good day!
My finger tab is wet!
Didn’t go through the clicker!
I didn’t open up!
Something’s vibrating!
My glasses are steaming up!
I couldn’t see for laughing!
I got this new riser. It was all right when I started shooting but it doesn’t appear to be working now!
That happened last time!
The wind suddenly dropped!
There is always that one arrow!
It’s always that last arrow!