The Progress Award Scheme is a progression of awards for new archers after completion of their Beginners’ Course. It can extend over an unspecified time period to suit individual needs and can be awarded to any age of archer. The awards will hopefully encourage and motivate new archers and recognise their achievements and progress within the club.

5 colours of badge will be awarded – white, black, blue, red, gold.
Badges will be awarded at each level.
The standard for each colour is set in line with that of Ladies/Junior Ladies AGB classifications – i.e. White standard is based on 3rd class – Gold is based on 1st class – with Black, Blue and Red graded in between.
Badges will be awarded to 5 age groups – U12, U14, U16, U18, Seniors.
No differentiation between genders.
All colours of badges can be gained again at each age level or bow type, in any order.
Find score requirements below.

Archers will be required to shoot 3 dozen arrows in a single session to gain a qualifying score. Arrows can be shot at either 3 or 6 an end.
Archers will be required to shoot 3 qualifying scores for each badge awarded.
6 Sighters are required as a minimum.
More than one round can be shot in the same session/day.
Only one badge will be awarded for each qualifying set of 3 rounds. If you shoot multiple bow types the club will only provide a single badge for each grade.
All rounds to be shot on an 80cm face using 10 zone scoring at the chosen distance.
Score sheets to preferably be emailed to the club but paper based score sheets may be handed in to the club records officer if the archer doesn’t use app based scoring on their phones (most apps allow you to create customised rounds).

Click here for the Award Scores chart