Coaching Nights and 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

Coaching Nights

We are proposing to hold coaching nights on the last Wednesday of the month starting this May (Wednesday 28th). This is mainly aimed at juniors but is available to all members.
This means that leaders will make themselves more available to answer questions and/or watch your form and help you correct anything you think may need correcting. We can also give tips on setting up and tuning your bow along with other advice on various items of archery equipment.
Regular shooting will carry on as usual, but feel free to ask for advice etc.

1 to 1 Coaching

If you think you might benefit from 1 to 1 coaching sessions then Matt, our newly qualified First Level Coach, has said he is willing to give individual members a one hour session for a £10 fee (which will go to the club). Please approach Matt and ask when he is available to do this as he has kindly volunteered his services for the club’s benefit and we do not wish to disrupt his own shooting enjoyment.